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"When I agreed to participate in the Patient Advisory Board I was not exactly sure what that entailed. I just knew I could offer perspective from a patient's point of view. Now with more than 1 year on the Patient Advisory Board and also participating as a Patient Partner for a research project, I can say the experience has been quite rewarding. It is clear the input from myself and the other Patient Advisors is truly molding research to be more patient centered and that is exciting! Being a 'patient' is rarely a good thing, however being able to use my experience as a patient in this capacity has enabled me to see how being a patient can be used for something positive and meaningful." --- Gina

"After completing my active treatment for cancer, I was looking for a way to become meaningfully involved in cancer research initiatives and advocacy. My experience with Kaiser's research group has exceeded my expectations. It feels great to be part of a group of healthcare professionals researching the impacts that cancer diagnosis and treatment has on patients and their families. My lived experience with cancer treatment is valued and I couldn't be more happy to have found this opportunity to add meaning to my cancer journey. " --- Chellie