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We’re sorry to let you know that the CoPPiR Network ( is closing down, effective immediately. Funding to support CoPPiR was not renewed this year, and we’re unable to continue to maintain the network, recruit new members, or promote its use among the Colorado health research community. We will be in touch with all current network members shortly with a final thank you and newsletter. We plan to leave the CoPPiR website active for the time being so that the Resources remain available. Thank you for your interest in this work.

Engaging patient partners on the study team is a relatively new concept. We're here to help! Check out our resources to make your experience a success. We've gathered resources on everything from Research and Engagement Basics to Material Development and Relationship Building. 

Patient Engagement Resources
Resource Title Topic Audience (Patient or Researcher)
Patient and Public involvement in research Engagement Basics Both
Patient Partner Engagment in Research | TOPPER toolkit Engagement Basics Patient
Challenging Conversations Engagement Basics Both
Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM) Materials Development Researcher
Plain Language Document Checklist Materials Development Researcher
How readable is your writing? Materials Development Researcher
Quick Guide to Health Literacy Materials Development Researcher
Substitute Word List Materials Development Researcher
Patients Increasingly Influence the Direction of Medical Research Media Both
Advice From Patients on a Study's Design Makes For Better Science Media Both
The Invisible Work of the Patient Media Both
Patient Engagement and Behavioral Insights- What People Want is Health Media Both
NEJM Catalyst | Patient Engagement Media Both
PCORI in Practice: a Webinar Series on How PCORI is Advancing Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Media Both
Voices of Engagement: Patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, employers, insurers, and others talk about working side by side to answer real-world questions critical to improving our health care Media Both
Sharing Experiences and Expertise: The Health Care Systems Research Network Workshop on Patient Engagement in Research Media Both
Tools for Social Innovators: Resources on Creating Culturally Competent Groups, Structuring Meetings, and more! Relationship Building Researcher
Deeply Engaging Patients with a Mix & Match of Methods Relationship Building Researcher
Hard-to-Reach Patient Stakeholders: An Engagement Guide (HARPS) Relationship Building Researcher
Trailhead Institute | Tools for Partnerships Relationship Building Researcher
Consumers United for Evidence-Based Health Care Research Basics Both
Serving on an Advisory Panel- Videos for Practitioners and Consumers Research Basics Both
Human Subjects Research Inclusion Criteria Research Basics Patient
Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action Research Basics Patient
What You Should Know about IRB Review of Research Research Basics Patient
Overview of the Grantwriting Process Research Basics Patient
What is Research Advocacy? Research Basics Patient
How to Read and Assess Research Articles Research Basics Patient
Office of Research Integrity | Basic Research Concepts Research Basics Patient
UNC TraCS | "Research 101" Research Basics Both
Clinical Trials Basics Research Basics Patient